Bee Home Pediatrics

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Dr. Margie Diaz-Ochu is a popular and beloved pediatrician in Salt Lake City. After years of working as a provider in a healthcare system, she felt that the demands tied to insurance reimbursements were limiting the time she could spend with her patients and deliver the personalized care they deserved. In 2022, she decided to establish her own direct pay, membership-based pediatric care clinic where she could better connect with her young patients and their families.

Our Strategy

The direct pay model is gaining popularity among healthcare patients, but many still don’t understand its benefits. When Dr. Diaz-Ochu launched her new practice, Bee Home Pediatrics, she wanted her website to be an educational tool for new and prospective families while capturing her unique personality and her passion for patient-centered care. Through a strategic approach to brand development, ZH Sites developed a logo and graphics based on a drawing her young son created and landed on a voice and tone that was friendly, genuine, and reassuring.

Where Families Feel Welcomed

To help families become more comfortable with direct pay care and spotlight Dr. Diaz-Ochu’s specialties, ZH Sites focused on the following:

  • We organized the website by children’s ages so parents could easily and quickly find the information they needed.
  • Call-outs that use eye-catching graphics and engaging copy give families a better understating of direct patient care and why it may be the best option for their little ones.
  • Because Dr. Diaz-Ochu is renowned as a Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal Expert, ZH Sites created a special section that highlights both her capabilities and her compassion.

A New Pediatric Home for Patients

Colorful, informative, and friendly, the new Bee Home Pediatrics website truly stands out in the Salt Lake City market. By helping parents and caregivers better grasp the benefits of membership, they’re more likely to reach out to Dr. Diaz-Ochu to schedule a consultation and join her hive of happy families.

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