Hawthorne Animal Hospital

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As one of the only AAHA-accredited veterinarian clinics in Southern Illinois and a major referral hospital for vet offices throughout the St. Louis region, Hawthorne Animal Hospital is renowned for its commitment to compassionate, high-quality care. However, its current website didn’t reflect its reputation as a high-level hospital, and because its client base was growing so rapidly, Hawthorne needed it to serve as a key recruiting tool for new vets and vet techs.

Our Strategy

ZH Sites and Hawthorne wanted pet parents to have a better understanding of the breadth of medical and hospitality services the hospital offers and highlight its Wellness Plans, which provide clients an affordable way to cover their pet’s preventative treatments. Through captivating photos and videos that featured vets, staff, and the animals they treat, we knew we could effectively translate Hawthorne’s mission of “taking exceptional care of pets” for its audience.

In addition, we created a search engine optimized subsite to give Hawthorne an advantage in attracting vet talent in an increasingly competitive market. The career site was built to talk directly to prospective staff members, including current veterinarians and vet techs looking for new opportunities as well as students and recent grads ready to start their careers.

Connecting to Pet Families and the Vets Who Care for Them

When designing and developing Hawthorne’s website, special focus was placed on the following:

  • All creative aspects of the site, including copy, graphics, and photos, were chosen specifically to speak both on the hospital’s cutting-edge services and its team’s passion for providing the best care for pets.
  • Together with our videography partners, we scripted and filmed short clips for the site starring Hawthorne vets who explained the hospital’s services in detail and offered tips to keep pets healthy at home.
  • The Hawthorne career site was built to highlight the information prospective team members are looking for, including mentoring, continuing education, benefits, and details on the region.

Generating Leads to Grow Its Business

Whether a family is looking for a new vet for their pet or a vet is searching for a new career opportunity, the redesigned Hawthorne site offers all the information they need and an easy way to connect with staff. The career site has worked so well for the hospital that ZH Sites has carried the branding and elements into vet-college specific sites students and grads can interact with.

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