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For more than 60 years, Lantz Homes has been the premier luxury home contractor in the St. Louis Metro East region. While Lantz continued to be the go-to for home builds, over the past few years, the demand for custom remodels began to rise – families who loved their current homes and neighborhoods wanted to remain in both. At the same time, the current owner retired, handing over the keys to his business to his son and daughter-in-law.

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Our Strategy

These two significant milestones called for a new branding strategy that blended together the celebrated history of the company as well as its mission for the future. In 2022, Lantz Homes added a high-end remodeling component to its service lineup and brand name as well as partnered with Whitetail Design Studio on a new design-build collaboration. Through the updated Lantz Homes & Remodels website, ZH Sites strived to reinforce that all homeowners will continue to receive the five-star construction Lantz is renowned for, but options are available for those requiring projects on a smaller scale..

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When Designing And Developing Lantz Homes & Remodels Website, We Focused On The Following:

  • Through on-site photo shoots, our partner photographer created a portfolio of home design and remodeling projects that spotlights the company’s skill, creativity, and commitment to quality.
  • Engaging copy tells the story of Lantz’s six-decade relationship with the community and its continued dedication to its neighbors in the St. Louis region.
  • A new section explains the step-by-step design process and how working together with Lantz and Whitetail Design Studio can lower costs, shorten timelines, and improve outcomes.

An Exciting New Future For A Renowned Company

The redesigned Lantz Homes & Remodels website visually reflects the voice of the company. When they visit the site, prospective clients immediately know that Lantz is passionate about aesthetically-desirable designs, unmatched quality, and the communities they serve.

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