Queen Bee Consulting

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Business coach and consultant Danelle Brown of Queen Bee Consulting had built a solid reputation among small business owners across the country for her success in helping them grow their companies. Although her work focused on multiple areas of strategy and social media, she found that her YouTube marketing expertise was becoming her most requested service. To streamline her business model, Danelle wanted to establish video marketing as her primary focus.

Our Strategy

Danelle and ZH Sites shared one vision – to make Queen Bee the first name in YouTube video marketing for small businesses, which meant redesigning her current website. In addition, because so many entrepreneurs have yet to fully grasp the reach and effectiveness of YouTube when marketing their company, the website needed to serve as both an educational and sales tool.

Building a Buzz With a New Site

To meet Danelle’s goals, ZH Sites placed an emphasis on the following three features when launching the new Queen Bee site.

  • A “Why It Works” page clearly explains how YouTube can help small businesses and encourages entrepreneurs to learn more.
  • Conversational website copy makes it easy for visitors to understand how each of Danelle’s video marketing services can help them.
  • Keyword-rich landing pages were created for those terms most searched by small business owners on Google, quickly providing them with the information they need.

An Expert Becomes an Influencer

With inviting colors and eye-catching features, the new Queen Bee Consulting website mirrors Danelle’s fun personality as well as her industry-leading expertise. For entrepreneurs who fear jumping in front of the camera, the website helps ease their worry by highlighting how Danelle can make the process simple and comfortable.

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