The Provident on Vine Apartments

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Tegethoff Development, the preeminent luxury lifestyle developer in the Midwest, is renowned for renovating historic buildings into boutique urban apartments while preserving their architectural integrity. But in a hot up-and-coming real estate market like downtown Cincinnati, Tegethoff needed to ensure its property stood out to prospective renters with unlimited choices.

Our Strategy

Just as we successfully have for Tegethoff multi-family properties and mixed-use developments in other mid-sized cities, ZH Sites needed to strategize and prioritize key selling points to make The Provident, a former bank headquarters, the most desired apartment community in Cincinnati. By stepping into the minds of Tegethoff’s target audience and understanding the dynamics of the city’s competitive housing market, we could determine the tone, voice, imagery that would most resonate with renters.

Making the Provident a Must-See

When designing and developing The Provident website, special focus was placed on the following:

·       Apartment amenities took center stage through captivating copy, photos, and video
·       Through effective storytelling, we immersed website visitors in The Provident’s historic past and made them part of its next chapter as a remarkable living space
·       Search engine optimization ensured The Provident site could be easily found for the keywords Cincinnati apartment-seekers searched for on Google.

Turning Website Visits Into Apartment Visits

With strong calls to action and the technology to effortlessly capture leads, Tegethoff was able to quickly schedule apartment visits, which resulted in an influx of rentals and a faster path to profitability.

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